Thursday, July 21, 2011

CPR at its Finest

I recently renewed my CPR card. A few statistics I found interesting...

  • If an AED is used between 0-3 minutes after asystole, or cessation of cardiac electrical activity, the survival rate is 75%

  • Between 3-5 minutes survival rate drops to 50%

  • Between 5-10 minutes the survival rate is as low as 2-10%

Almost make you want to carry an AED in you back pocket when your not surrounded by crash carts in the hospital?

The new CPR regulations of ABC to CAB have been some what controversial. The "B" (Breathing) portion was thrown into the back seat, with "C" (Compressions) in the front seat driving at 100 compressions per minute. For some, this makes sense, to others it doesn't. The fact of the matter is, the guidelines will change again and again and again, but the current method is proven to be most effective.


At an earlier time, when anatomy and physiology knowledge was less proverbial, people noticed that the body became cold, and in an attempt to "resuscitate" the victim they would lay hot ash, wood, or coal over the body try to regain the temperature of the body. Another technique involved wiping or beating the body to stimulate the body back to life. For over three hundred centuries the use of fire bellows were used,

which is kind of a smart or more logical idea. Some less logical ideas were blowing tobacco into the rectum of the victim. Mouth-to-mouth was introduced and also used for centuries and still widely used in the current guidelines. In the late 50's and beginning of the 60's the US army implemented a modern use of CPR. It was difficult to track down but I found a free text release of the technique used by the military, printed by the official medical journal of Jama on July 9th, 1960 entitled Closed-Chest Cardiac Message (if anything, read the method portion of the article) by Dr. W.B. Kouwenhoven, Dr. Ing., James B. Rude, and G Guy Knickerbocker. The primary research and development was put out by Dr. Kouwenhoven. In 1972 the first general public training began at a conference center, in Seattle Washington the training was called "Medic 2." CPR became more popular after the inception of the American Heart Association (AHA) in 1973.

In movies or theatrics the survival rate is about 75%, in reality CPR survival rate administered out side of a hospital setting is 6%.


Rick Frea said...

Great review. I actually read this a while ago and just read it again.

Deborah said...

Interesting! I didn't know that...Thanks for sharing its history...At least, somehow I wouldn't wonder anymore..

Deborah of respiratory clinical

Jasanpreet M. said...

I recently did my CPR training as well. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed after hearing the statistics and after knowing the success rate of AED, CPR kind of seems hopeless. I guess it all depends on the timing. Also, we can only do our best in any given situation. Rest is out of our hands.

Michelle N said...

Although AED machines are very expensive, I strongly believe that more places (stores, restaurants, etc.) should have an AED machine accessible for public use. Someone's life is worth much more than how much the machines cost.

Also, I strongly believe that there should be many more people certified to use these machines as well as perform CPR. They are both so critical in life.

Anonymous said...

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