Thursday, August 21, 2008

30 Years or More!

There are few important major decisions that must be made in life. In my opinion those decisions all fall into the following categories: marriage, children, religion, and career. All unique and different in their own sense and context. For me the first of the three categories were the easiest. The last of the listed subjects has been most difficult and time consuming. For several years I have been back and forth regarding this subject, contemplating what I would be best at doing for 30 years of my life or more. I did not want to subjugate so much of my time and energy into something that was undesirable and meaningless. Some may joke at the many jobs and careers I have had and considered. Some may also say that my time has been wasted in obtaining so many diverse positions, in so many different trades. However, I would rather have spent that time now, then to realize, ten years down the road I am miserable and bored. I have made a list of important aspects of a good career:

• Community Oriented
• Service based
• Somewhere I Can Make a Difference
• Flexible Time (so I can be with my family)
• Professional
• Be Able to Support a Family (regarding to wage)
• Friendly Environment
• Requires Specific Educational Background

For centuries men have been most of afraid of the unknown. I have taken this same approach when it comes to medicine, doctors, hospitals, etc. The medical field was a big unknown for me. Since I have been married however, I have been introduced to the world of medicine. When I met my wife, she worked in a pediatric office as a medical assistant. I was most intimidated by her and her knowledge of the medical field. Over the years that we have been married she has shared a little of that knowledge with me. Some of our most exciting conversations (or debates) have been about the medical field. Each time we talk about it a rush comes over me yearning to know more. I think more than anything, to me it is the challenge, the knowledge that is needed in order to save a life.

Love what you do or it will come after you sooner or later.

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RT Scribe said...

Miserable and bored is what I was, for at least 10 years. It really does suck.

Good luck on your pursuits. I look forward to reading your blog, as you travel down the RT Student road.